We serve a wide range of hot and cold food. Funzone is also now serving GLUTEN FREE  chicken nuggets and sausages as part of our menu. We also do a small range of vegan food.


Jug of squash £2.50

Cup of squash 50p

Black/regular coffee £2.50

Latte £2.80

Cappuccino £2.80

Mocha £2.80

Hot chocolate £2.80

Special hot chocolate £3.50

(with cream and marshmallows)

Mug of tea £2.00

Pot of tea £3.50

Slush £1.00 small,£2.00 large

Glass of milk 50p/ £1.00

Selection of herbal teas £2.30

Selection of fizzy and still drinks, please see fridge in servery

Main meals £7.00

Pasta bolognaise and garlic bread

Lasagne and garlic bread (vegetarian option available) 

Southern Fried Chicken burger, chips and side

Beef burger with chips and side

Children’s meals

Toddler meal £3.90

Junior meal £4.80

Adult meal £5.80      

                                           Fish fingers

Chicken nuggets

Hot dog


Pork sausage

(vegetarian option available, please ask)

All served with chips, mash or smiley faces

peas, beans or cucumber

Pasta bolognaise with garlic bread

Sandwich bag


Paninis, sandwiches, toasties, jacket potatoes £6.00

All served with lettuce and tortilla chips (swap tortillas for chips for £1.00)

Choose from:

Chicken, ham, bacon, sausage, tuna mayo, cheese, beans, onion, tomato or sweetcorn

Please see our specials board for daily specials


Toasted tea cake £2.00

Homemade scone with butter and jam £2.00

Toast £1.00 per slice

Bread and butter £1.00 per slice

Crumpets £2.00


Garlic bread £2.50/cheesy garlic bread £3.00

Bowl of chips £3.00

Cheesy chips £3.50

Chips and gravy £3.50

Chips, cheese and gravy £4.00

Smaller meals

Adult beans on toast £3.50

Childs beans on toast £2.50

Homemade soup and roll £4.00

Chips, cheese and beans £4.50


Vanilla, strawberry or chocolate ice-cream £2.00

Chocolate bars

See servery for range of homemade cakes available